How Much Does it Cost to Do a 1031 Exchange?

Our fees are listed below, but the real question is, how much does it cost you if you DO NOT DO a 1031 Exchange? Remember it's not what you make, it's what you keep that matters:

1. Sell your real estate for $500,000
2. Since your purchase price was $100,000 your gain is $400,000*
3. Your taxes could be as high as $120,000. If you owned the property for many years your taxes could be higher** A lot of people forget that even if they sell the property for the same price they bought it for, there will be tax due if the property was depreciated. If owned for a number of years, this can add up.

* Remember these are simple examples and you should check with your professional accounting advisor for your situation.
** Depreciating your property if you have done so will create more capital gains and possibly an ordinary income tax, based on a number of factors.

Our Fees

  • Standard Exchange $795*
  • Standard Exchange with Money Market Interest Paid $5000**
  • Reverse Exchange $3500*
  • Improvement Exchange $5000*

Additional Fees

  • Additional Property Fee $200 (charged after the first purchase on each add purchase)
  • Rush Fee $150.00 (only charged when less than three days notice provided for request for funds)
* You can save $200 on a standard exchange and $500 on an improvement or reverse exchange by registering now at Start My Exchange
** Interest rates currently are quite low and sharing interest is determined on a case by case basis depending on length of time and balances. please call us for details.

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