Learn: What is a 1031 Exchange?

Section 1031 of the IRS code lets you sell, buy, and get cash out of real estate without paying a penny in taxes when you follow the rules of a 1031 exchange!

It's not what you make, its what you keep that matters! Use a 1031 exchange to avoid taxes and build wealth by reinvesting all your funds. This allows you to leverage into a better investment and buy more real estate that will be worth more over time. How much more?

You can actually purchase three times the amount of real estate in terms of value and profit. That means that after you exchange multiple times in your investing career*, you will wind up with three times the amount of profit than you would have had without exchanging and end up with three times the amount of real estate value just by exchanging!

* For detail on this issue please visit our Roadmap Guide page three

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