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David Greenberger Hi, I'm Attorney David P. Greenberger, owner of 1031 Exchange Advantage ®

I went to law school a long time ago for two reasons: I wanted to help people and my mother told me to. But it was not until 20 years later, the day I stopped practicing law, that I really started to help people. It all began with a simple idea to improve people's lives by building wealth through tax free real estate exchanges.

People came to us with misconceptions due to failed internet searches. Unfortunately they did not know what they did not know. As a result, their plans did not work. What we learned to do pretty well was to listen to all of their stories, and give them the parameters to set them in the right direction.

Along the way, we have been able to save a good number of clients a lot of money in unnecessary taxes and set them on a course they never knew they had. Our best clients have turned into evangelists and sent more clients who came with their stories and left with most of their gains intact! Most people change their plans for the better after a consultation... Just schedule a consultation and we will call you at a convenient time.

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Nicole M.
Just the other day we heard from a woman named Nicole M., who called to share that her father had made her buy a piece of real estate when she was 16 years old. It was now 25 years later, and she was selling the real estate to buy a property to ultimately live in with her Mom and take care of her. We showed her how to exchange, and make the most of her Dad's good advice, all those years ago.

Mrs. B.
We also have not always been able to get to people in time to help them, because we haven't had the opportunity to consult. There was the case of Mrs. B, a wealthy widow who turned 18 million into 8 in 3 weeks. She called up frantic to cancel her exchange in the middle because of a "hot tip in the stock market". Without a consultation, we couldn't advise her that cancelling will create 40% taxes and turn the 18 million into 12 overnight. We followed the client's instructions and cancelled the exchange, whose stock tip turned out to be wrong and she bought the share in Feb. 2007 just before the market crash. That brought her 18 million down to 8 in 3 weeks. A rather unfortunate ride! Luckily not the norm.

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