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A successful exchange means locating and buying the right investment. To accomplish that you need to set your objectives and goals to start your search. Are you retiring? Do you want a vacation place? Do you need short term cash flow or long term appreciation?

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What Can I Buy?

Take a look at the investment categories below to learn the lay of the land. When you are ready to go to the next step, choose "Get Vendor Info" then complete the form and you'll be able to contact vendors that sell what you are looking for! Its that easy.

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Turn-Key Turn-Key Managed Single Family Real Estate

Want a turn-key solution with positive cash flow/appreciation?

Consider buying turn-key single family real estate that is rented, managed and appreciating! There are firms that offer a way to take advantage of fairly liquid investment properties that you own and they manage.These firms take the effort out of finding undervalued properties, renting and managing the properties, and so most of the guess work is gone. They provide a hands off investment for the investor., although you will still have the basic risks associated with owning real estate.

Bottom Line: If you work with a firm that offers product in areas you like, have a comfort level with a third party firm managing your real estate, this is a good way to go.

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Fractional Interest Fractional Interests

Want a Fortune 500 tenant with no management headaches?

Invest in a commercial property. Own a share or fractional Interest managed by a sponsor often with a Fortune 500 tenant and long term lease in place. Properties are usually multi-family, retail centers, office buildings. These investments provide a commercial investment immediately, reduced involvement in management, a steady return for an investment of as little as $25,000 on up. Typically referred to as tenant in common, these investments are now more regularly held in a Delaware Statutory Trust that issues shares in the trust. The IRS has confirmed these shares qualify as "like kind" 1031 exchange qualifying property.

The sponsor typically finds, manages and offers shares to investors who need to qualify under SEC rules as accredited investors. The properties are typically in retail centers, drug stores, commercial-type offices and medical complexes. They offer a diverse range of investments.

Bottom Line: A good way to go if you want long term stable income from a lease with a Fortune 500 company, but cannot afford to purchase the entire building.

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Cash Out Option(s) Cash Out Option(s)

Want to reinvest and take tax free cash from your exchange?

You are always able to refinance your property once you complete an exchange and thus gain access to tax free money in the form of loan proceeds. Most lenders will allow you to take 50-65% loan to value from your investment in refinance proceeds. You can also invest in properties offered by a sponsor, that have properties tenanted by major insurance companies or the US government with 25 or longer leases. You will receive shares in the building & can refinance up to 87% of the cash out without paying any taxes. Learn more.

Bottom Line: You are always able to refinance cash out of exchange investment property. That lets you have your cake and eat it to. A tax free sale and money in your pocket!

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4. Your Ideas NNN=Dependable Long Term Income

Want long terms dependable income with little responsibility?

Triple Net Leases (NNN)

Real estate investors usually consider triple net properties as a high-quality investment because they are one of the most secure due to the fact that they sell quickly based on tenants who and are highly qualified and credit-worthy.

When investing in a Triple Net Lease (NNN), the tenant pays all the ongoing operating expenses, property taxes, utilities, insurance premiums, maintenance, and repairs! Meanwhile, you (the landlord) collect monthly net rental income (after your mortgage payment) the same as with a traditional real estate investment. These leases are normally extended over the long term because financially strong corporate entities (i.e. Wal-Mart, Office Depot, CVS drug stores, Jiffy Lubes, Jack-in-the Box, etc.) guarantee a long term period of 10 to 25 years.

Bottom Line:

A Triple Net Lease is ideal for an investor wanting to avoid management intensive rental property. Instead of selling and then reinvesting…1031 exchange into your new investment and bypass the capital gains tax, which gives you the ability to roll over all of your gain thereby improving your return in a higher grade, stable, triple net investment.

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