Avoid Tax Headaches….Taxes Can Take 30-40% of Your Profit!!

Did you know you can still owe a ton of taxes even if you did not make a profit on your real estate? Well, you can if you have owned the property for a long time.*

Don't get stuck finding out too late. Review the situations below and find out how to avoid all taxes with a 1031 exchange!

* Depreciation recapture tax may affect your taxes if you have depreciated the property on your returns. Please confirm your tax basis with your tax preparer and the actual rate you will pay.

Avoid Taxes Now . . . Like these:

Depreciation Recapture: You may owe additional tax even if you sell your property for the same price you paid for it! Learn why!
Obama Care may hurt: How much more will you pay and why? Learn more
Incomplete exchange: How much more will you pay and why? Find out
Not Buying enough property: Learn how much to buy and how to get credit for improvements in your exchange to avoid all taxes!

Make the 1031 Exchange Rules Work for You:

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Avoid Tax Headaches Now

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