Taxes can be 30-40%* of your profit.
Why Not Sell Your Investment Real Estate Tax Free?

Don’t pay Unnecessary Taxes …. Order a Free 1031 Roadmap Now & learn how! As a 1031 exchange accommodator, required by the IRS, we can help you sell investment real estate without paying taxes using IRC Section 1031.

Order your Roadmap to:

  • See if you qualify, learn how this can work for you.
  • Get a no cost consultation with an attorney**
  • Save $200 or more on fees if you decide to move forward.

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A 1031 Exchange can save you tens or hundreds of thousands in unnecessary taxes. Learn how by watching the short video below:

See if your real estate can be sold Tax Free:

  • Selling a vacation property?
  • Property with a home office?
  • Investment rental?
  • Divorcing? Sell Tax Free
  • Retiring? Invest Tax Free
  • Fix up property with Tax Free money
  • Buying Now? Sell Tax Free later!

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Don't pay unnecessary taxes. Watch the video to see if you qualify:

Order Your Roadmap. Learn about better reinvestments:

  • Sell Tax Free & reinvest for higher returns
  • Buy a share in a commercial investment with no management or
  • Long-term lease with Fortune 500 tenants for dependable cash flow
  • Buy a retirement home or improve real estate with tax free money

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Watch and learn how to exchange into a better investment:

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* Taxes are based on many factors including income length of time you have owned the real estate and more. Ask your tax advisor for details on your situation.

** Attorney or a trained mentor