Don’t Lose Out... Know the 1031 Exchange Rules

A quick consultation can open up new worlds of tax free possibilities. Understanding the rules and how to apply them, can allow you to better plan your transaction. With more to invest, you’ll be able to achieve bigger dreams! But without the consultation you won’t know how the rules can work for you and that will mean you can’t even dream! Schedule a consultation now and let's get dreaming.

Sell Tax Free... Reinvest in a Better Investment

Divorce Exchange Divorce Exchange
Sell, and since one party generally has moved out, in a divorce, the party who has moved out can exchange. So, move out, and report on your tax return that you have a new legal residence, then the subject property is a former residence and can be exchanged! Questions? Schedule a Consultation.

Vacation Property Vacation Property
In a “vacation home let’s try a new place exchange”, you would sell, then exchange the underutilized vacation property into a better investment or vacation property in a new area. Hmmm, Hawaii sounds nice. Why not call to discuss?

College Exchange College Exchange
Sell then exchange into a property you rent to your kids while they are in college. Might as well try to earn some of those college expenditures back with your investment while Johnny is studying at school, and then protect them with the exchange!

Retirement Exchange Retirement Exchange
Sell, then retire in a property you purchased in the exchange AND one that provides you with retirement income for a care free life!

Fix Up Property Exchange Fix Up Property with Tax Free $$$ Exchange
Sell, then exchange into a property that needs work and use the exchange funds to repair it. You will get credit for every dollar you spend as you try to replicate the price that you sold your relinquished property for. You can even live at the property while the repairs are being made-only- until you finish your exchange and use it as an investment or within the rules of a vacation rental.

Make the 1031 Exchange Rules Work for You:

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